About Us, Bio pic
Adam Hoffman, Founder & Head Coach
  • Mobility GURU.
  • CPT, Nutritionist, Golf Fitness Specialist (NASM)
  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor (AFAA)
  • Crossfit Level-1 Trainer.
  • TRX Qualified.

Movement is like fuel for your mind and body. Adam thrives on movement and encourages all to do more of it.

Activities like BMX racing, baseball, basketball, racquetball, football, and more have always been a part of Adam’s life. In 2006 however, everything changed when he flipped over the handlebars of his BMX bike and landed on his left shoulder, crushing it. He’s now the proud owner of a titanium plate that helps keep his left shoulder in place. At the time, he weighed 160 pounds soaking wet. At 5’11”, that’s pretty slim and skinny. He decided at that point to head to the gym to build muscle so that he would bounce, not break the next time he flipped over his handlebars. While learning to build muscle, he fell in love with training his body to hold proper posture, boost endurance, and increase mobility all through movement and nutrition. When training your body in these areas you also gain the ability to maintain and improve health, ultimately helping to prevent, mitigate, and potentially cure a variety of pains, strains, and discomforts. Adam now maintains a strong 185 pounds.

Adam believes it’s not ALL about movement though, it’s about creating habits! To work with Hoffmans’ Fitness is to select the same days and times each and every week, month, and year. This helps create a habit that you begin to plan and prioritize into your daily schedule. Once it’s scheduled into your life, AND you feel the benefits that proper movement and nutrition afford you, there’s no reason to stop. We are proud to offer this type of habit-forming experience coupled with proper movement and nutrition.

We don’t only cover movement and nutrition, because there’s more to an overall healthier lifestyle than that. That’s why we incorporate other lifestyle behaviors into our overall approach, which includes the importance of sleep, meditation, hydration, family/friend relationships, disconnection from technology, and then some.