1. Purchase the Course.
  2. Select the number of Freight Handlers you would like to purchase the course for.
    1. Quantity discounts listed on the Organization Enrollment page under Description.
  3. Click “Add to Cart” or pay with Paypal.
  4. Confirm Cart information and proceed to checkout.
  5. Checkout:
    1. Input company information: address, phone number, email address, etc.
    2. Create a Username and Password.
    3. Create Group Name.
    4. Input Payment Information.
    5. Check out.
  6. After checkout, you will be rerouted to a confirmation of purchase page, detailing your purchase. You will also receive an email confirmation. Both forms of confirmation have an access link to your Group Organization Management Page. This is the page you will access to add freight handlers, follow progress, print reports, and make contact.
    1. Add freight handlers. You may add them by uploading a CSV file, inputting them individually, or by distributing a unique enrollment key. 
    2. Registration. Each Freight Handlers will have a unique Username and Password. With this information you are able to follow each participants progress.

All your Freight Handlers need to do is follow the course, prompted by the Group Leader when necessary.

A Hoffman’s Fitness member will contact your organization to schedule an Organization Management Page Demo for the Group Leader as well as a Management Introduction and Launch Demo for the Organizations Management Team and any interested participants.

Organization Management Page Demo

From the Organization Management Page, we’ll demonstrate how the the Group Leader will be able to:

  1. Manage freight handlers. They can begin to do so by inviting freight handlers to join according to the number of seats purchased for the course. Freight handlers can be invited in two ways:
    1. Sending unique token invite. In this case the freight handlers will receive an email with a unique “token”, a password in a sense that the freight handler will input into their registration page. On this page the freight handler will set their username and password, input token, and be signed in and ready to take the course.
    2. The second way for freight handlers to enroll is also, via email, but it doesn’t involve a token. In this case, the group leader may input user information and emails in bulk or individually, deciding to set the users password and information so that all the user needs to do is sign-in after receiving user confirmation. The group leader may add users individually, or in bulk via CSV upload.
  2. After freight handler invites are sent and freight handlers join, the group leader can begin to follow freight handlers progress as they participate in the course, including:
    1. Follow course progress through lessons, topics, and quiz progression.
      1. Print reports containing this information.
    2. Make contact and interact via email.

All your Freight Handlers need to do is follow the course, prompted by the Group Leader when necessary.

Organization Management Course Demo

A Hoffman’s Fitness member will schedule an In-Person or Zoom depending Course Demonstration according to the Company preference and location. It is through this demonstration that we will introduce how the course works and break down all of the benefits it provides to freight handlers and their organizations.

The final step is for Freight Handlers begin the course with progress followed and managed by the Group Leader.

Freight Handler Usage

Upon Organization’s adoption, a Hoffman’s Fitness member will schedule a 10-30 minute In-Person or Zoom concept basics presentation. 

From there, each individual will follow along through our eLearning Course at their own pace, or a pace directed by the organization, learning about the fundamentals of Posture, Total Body Movements, and then application to moving freight.


Accountability, with real-time access to course activity.

The person that has purchased the course for the organization will automatically be assigned as the group leader.

The group leader will be able to track, add, and remove freight handlers as necessary.

The group leader will be able to follow lesson, topic, quiz, and course progress and completion.

All of this information can be exported to CSV.

Enrollment control

  • Group leaders will have complete control over who is enrolled in their membership:
    • Adding New. Once the course has been purchased, the group leader, or the individual whose email is associated with the purchase, will be able to add users to their group, according to how many freight handlers they have purchased the course for.
    • Removal. Once a freight handler has completed their course, or if the freight handler has left the company, they can be removed from the organization’s membership and the course.
    • Remain enrolled. If the organization wants the freight handler to continue to have access, the group leader is in charge of managing this as well.
    • Adding Additional. At any time the group leader can add a new Freight Handler to the group. The group leader would sign into their Organization Group Management Page, click add users, and purchase additional courses. 

Accountability, with real-time access to course activity.

While the exercises and direction is all crucial information to remain safe and injury free on the job, there needs to be an effective model for its delivery, which is where our Hold Strong Solution comes into play.

This is how we deliver our Hold Strong Solution:

  1. Success through customer support and service. We work with the company as a whole to make sure there is company wide support, from upper management down through each individual.

  2. Live Launch and Presentation: When we go live, we launch with an In-Person or Online Zoom live presentation, sharing all of the good things to come.

  3. Daily interactive educational course. Our solution creates provides a 4-week learning course that provides progressive and fundamental instruction and activity every working day, This repetition helps to create a lasting habit of taking time to stay loose, watch posture, and be strong.  Following the initial 4-weeks, organizations and individual can continue with our Solution by participation in monthly membership and continued new content participation.

  4. Micro-learning: We get it, company teams don’t have all day to learn about mobility, posture, and strength. That’s why we’ve created short 4 minute audio/video direction to guide individuals through their days education and activity, followed by a short 2-4 question quiz to prove participation and proficiency.
  1. Participation and accountability. Organizations are able to track and reward participation with a Hold Strong Organization Management Page. This management page provides the ability to track participation, progress, quizzes, and then create reports accordingly.