Posture, when it’s poor it’s “OK” until you add weight.

Posture, when it's poor it's "ok", until you add weight

poor posture

by Adam Hoffman

Posture, what does that even mean?

  • The dictionary says; posture is the position of the limbs or the carriage of the body as a whole while sitting, standing, or laying down.  

That’s not very helpful right? Is that sitting, standing, while moving, sleeping, dancing, or what? Well, posture’s important in all of those things and then some. 

  • Ever sleep contorted and wake up feeling tight?
  • Ever swing a golf club or baseball bat and have someone reposition your body so you improve?
  • Ever sent a text message while looking down at your phone?

The answer for all of those and more is most likely, YES!

It's ok until its not ok

The point is; posture, specifically proper posture is the foundation for all movement and non-movement. One of my favorite things to say to people I work with is “it’s ok, until it’s not ok.” Which means that you can have improper posture and it’ll keep getting worse and you’ll be fine. One day though, it’s not going to be fine and then it’s GOING to hurt!

I can’t cover posture in all positions, moving or not. I do however, want to cover standing upright and movement postures. 

Let’s begin with this fact; the body was “designed” to be held a certain way, which is ultimately in proper posture.  Only when your body is in proper posture, can the following bodily functions and systems work optimally:

  • Nervous system 
  • Circulatory system
  • Skeletal system 
  • Respiratory system
  • Balance
  • Mobility
  • Hips
  • Back
  • Strength

That covers basically everything on the body! If for no other reason than the list above, it’s worth paying attention to your posture.

Now let’s cover some posture basics, because you always want to try to place your body in proper position. Here are a couple of pointers to help you do so.

  • Maintain a neutral Pelvis.
  • Head up facing forward.
  • Shoulders back, retracted.
  • Even distribution of weight at your feet. 
  • Feel facing forward.

If you take nothing else away from this post, try to implement those pointers into your life.

Now let’s consider a real life scenario. You’re busy like so many billions of other people. AND you need to pay the bills and provide for your family. Which means you may work for a warehouse store like Amazon, Walmart, or Target. Or maybe you drive for UPS or FEDex. These are very respectable positions, and the globe relies on your work. This is also however when poor posture becomes a problem. Because when you add weight onto poor posture, in the form of packages or other external weight, you’re going to strain something, feel tight, or even cause long-term issues and pains.

Do you want any of that? 

Probably not! Instead, begin by incorporating my five posture suggestions listed above.

Now it’s time for a plug on my solution.


I’ve created a learn at your own pace, eLearning Course, for anyone to take. The course teaches you how to hold proper posture so that you can do your job safely. It doesn’t only cover posture though, it covers mobility, strength, total body exercises and movement, and then how to apply all of that to your physical job.  

Don’t have a physical job? Would you like to learn the basics about mobility, posture, and strength?  This course is for you too.

Regardless of whether you take me up on my Course, please, please, please, take my five pointers on posture listed above and apply it to your life, especially when moving freight.

If you found this information useful, or know someone that may benefit from it, please share it with them. 

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