Recovery and Release Mobility Practice

Organization Enrollment


YOU ARE ABOUT TO MAKE A PURCHASE FOR AN ORGANIZATION. If you are an Individual looking to take the course, please access it HERE. Otherwise, if you are purchasing for an Organization, please select the number of Freight Handler seats for purchase. Quantity discount pricing is available and listed in the below description.

Pricing, Features, and Benefits


Bulk Freight Handler seat purchase:

  • 10-24 seats, 3% discount
  • 25-49 seats, 5% discount
  • 50-99 seats, 10% discount
  • 100-199 seats, 15% discount
  • 200+ seats, 20% discount

Course Features and Benefits

Accountability, with access to course activity.

  • The person that has purchased the course for the organization will automatically be assigned as the group leader. The group leader has access to course metrics for all enrolled freight handlers and will be able to track lesson, topic, quiz, course progress, and course completion for all enrolled freight handlers. This information can then be exported to CSV.

Enrollment control

  • Group leaders will have complete control over who is enrolled in their group and have the ability to:
    • Add New Users. Once the course has been purchased, the group leader, or the individual whose email is associated with the purchase, will be able to add users to their group according to how many freight handlers they have purchased the course for.
      • They are able to do so by sending unique user registration links, via email invite, or by uploading a CSV file.
    • User Removal. When a Freight Handler has completed the course, left the company, or for any other reason, the group leader may always remove users.
    • User Remain Enrolled. If the organization wants the Freight Handler to continue to have access, the group leader is in charge of managing this as well.
    • Adding Additional Users. At any time the group leader can add a new Freight Handler or Freight Handlers to the group. The group leader would sign into their Organization Group Management Page, click add users, and purchase a course for each additional user. The purchase cost directly relates to the number of users the organization purchased initially. Regardless of how many seats the organization initially purchased, the discount applied will continue on for the life of the organization’s enrollment. For example:
      • If the organization received a 20% discount for having purchased 200+ seats, they will continue to receive the 20% discount for the purchase of all additional seats, in any amount, at the 20% discount.
      • If the organization received a 3% discount for having purchased seats for 10-24 users, and they purchase additional seats staying within 10-24 seats, they will continue to receive a 3% discount.
        • If the organization purchases seats in excess of 24, they will automatically receive the applicable discount, as listed above, for the total amount of seats purchased higher than 24. For example, if a company purchases 24 seats, they will receive a 3% discount on all 24 seats. When the organization decides to purchase more seats, bringing them to at least 25, they will automatically be bumped up to a 5% discount for the purchase of any number of seats within 25-49. Discounts continue to accrue through the life of an Organizations participation in our course.